Fun with fondant

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Today I was experimenting doing some 3D motif using the left over pre-made fondant I bought. I made some cute figures – frogs, snail, mushroom etc. I had so much fun doing it. First, I colour the pre-made fondant I bought with gel colouring.


I prepare all the fondants in the colours I needed. This way it will be easier, I can then concentrate on shaping the figures. I made some rocks using the fondant which had been mixed with a few colours.

Below, a frog couple. I think I did a bad job on the male frog which looks too fat. And both have botox lips. Isn’t the lady frog adorable, with her hair and ribbon (later I realized that one hand was missing..).

Some mushrooms, it couldn’t stand as it was still soft, used some tissue papers for support.

Once all my figures are ready, I roll the fondant to cover the whole cake and trim the sides. Before that, the cake needs to be cooled completely and glazed or icing. The preferred glazed used is apricot glaze which you can buy ready made. The glaze will keep the moisture in the cake as well as to let the fondant stick to the surface of the cake.

Then start arranging the figures on top of the cake. Once its dry, I touch up some parts by colouring it ( same like using water colour). The end product, jeng jeng jeng!!




More rooms for improvement..

I think I’ll be saving the cake for a few least I can come back here to see it once it’s gone. Bye bye my fat frog..


Min says:

Salam Diba..actually fondant tu is not supposed to shine that way ! Sebabnya I letak dlm fridge coz I tak pakai modelling paste (tak jumpa Gumtex / gumtrag) the figure semua dah semakin lembik.. tak letak jel apa, cuma dia sweating lepas keluar fridge. Not the right technique, kalau motif or figures kena bagi dia keras dulu, which I didnt have time.. ok sure kita link exchange ye! Thanks..

diba says:

Really impress with your job!!! Mind if i link your url kat my fotopages?? And… how do u get that shining fondant? letak jel apricot jugak ke??

p/s: this page will be in my ‘must tengok’ list :-D

val says:

Min….pandainya uuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!i M SO VERY VERY PROUD OF u!!!!!!!!!!