Potato scones

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What’s for tea time today ? Me, my daughter and bibik baked some potato scones.. using the last few pieces of potatos left. The recipe is easy. Anyone who wants the detail, please let me know, ok. Here’s my little girl, Arissa trying to help out. She’s 9, by the way.


My scones (somehow I think the shape is a little off). Instead of making it into a ball shape, I should have rolled it flat and a little thick, and use a round cutter. Too late..



So that’s what we had for tea today, scones with butter and kaya.. I would definitely bake these again.


p/s : I’m off to Cameron Highlands tomorrow for a 3 days holiday. Hope to have something interesting to share when I get home. 

Min says:

Thanks Rachel, your blog is quite superb the pictures of the cold winter. Your son is cute !

Rachel says:

I love your site, it is very beautiful. The pictures are perfect. Thanks for sharing your talent!

Min says:

Thanks Val..teringat kat UK bila makan scones kan ? lama senyap, balik kg lama ye ?

val says:

min i m so proud of u!!!! pandai o u.if i go ther we do somr baking ya.esp the scones