Making a rose from butter cream

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I’ll be showing you the step by step way to make roses from butter cream. Once you know the basics, maybe your roses will turn out prettier than mine. We learn together-gether, ok.. The equipments that you need is a rose petal tip, piping bag, icing nail, rose cone, square paper and of course, the butter cream.

rosetip.JPG Icing nail rose-cone.JPG

If you don’t have the recipe for butter cream, please see my post under “recipes”. Don’t make too much, you can halve the recipe and is enough to cover one 7″ round cake. Ok, here goes :

Step 1 Step 3,4,5

  1. Divide your icing/ butter cream into smaller bowls. ( I use paper plates so I can just throw them away later. No need washing) . Colour the icing as you wish.
  2. Insert the rose petal tip in the bag and fill the bag with your coloured icing.
  3. Cut the paper into small squares, say 2″x 2″, one small square for each rose.
  4. Put a dot of icing on the square paper and attach it to the icing nail.
  5. Fill some icing in the rose cone and stick it on top of the square paper, as shown in the pic above
  6. Now, began piping petals one by one with even pressure. Rotate the icing nails as you pipe each petal.

First layer

7. The first petal should cover the tip of the cone. (Mine is still showing, need to improve on this).

2nd layer

Make the second layer and so on.

3rd layer

4th layer 5th layer

Rose on plate

After you have completed the roses, gently transfer onto a small plate or tray (with the square paper base) and keep it refrigerated until hard. Notice that my yellow roses are like pine shapes, this is not good ! Try to make all layers at the same level.

Once its hard, you are ready to use it. Remove from fridge, peel off the paper base, hold lightly and transfer onto the cake.

Roses on cake

The technique is easy to master. You must remember to position the rose tip with the bigger hole downwards when piping. I think my rose is quite a disaster, it looks fat (like me..). And the cake needs touch up too.

After this I’ll be showing you how to make the leafs and then we will decorate the whole cake…(to be continued). Must try, ok.


Min says:

Mamayu, tengok the post after this, ada I show how the tip for leaves look like. I think gambar tu clear. Thanks.

mamayu says:

OOPS SORRY I SAW THE LEAVES……… i cant really see the tip cause from side. Can you show from the bottom view? Thank you Min.

mamayu says:

Hai, min saw your website… its very interesting… as promised on your last entry for the buttercream roses, you said you will post on how to make the leaves…i am looking forward for that tecniques. Thank you

Yatie says:

I will definitly try this Min. First need to buy the flower nail. Already got the cone though.

Min says:

Aku letak dlm fridge je, not freezer. Janji keras so senang nak transfer on the cake..

val says:

min, love love love the roses.bole kasi keras ka tu di icebox?